In this episode of Both Success and Integrity with Bessi Graham, Bessi dissects a recent Harvard Business Review (HBR) article “Should Your Start-up Be For-Profit or Nonprofit?”, and discusses why the author completely misses the mark on legal structures as well as identifying the actual problems for startups.

The HBR article proposes a framework that founders, board members, investors, and donors can use to make a decision around the legal structure the start-up should use. 

Bessi critiques the article’s binary approach and the author’s misnaming of the key problem as a legal structure issue rather than properly addressing how deeply and unconsciously they are wedded to the old paradigm of abstraction and false distinction. She also challenges their claims about the conflicts between social mission and venture capital and argues firmly against their recommendations that entrench dangerous and exploitative power dynamics.  

Also in this episode:

  • The problem with the old paradigm lies in the unquestioned acceptance that doing good and making money are mutually exclusive.
  • The limitations of hybrid organizations.
  • Understanding business modeling is key to creating impactful organizations.
  • Nonprofits often encounter certain pitfalls when creating a viable and long-lasting business model.
  • The dangerous consequences of the entrenched views around not valuing “caring roles” and the parallel between the gendered “othering” of unpaid labor and not paying people properly in the charitable sector.

The Harvard Business Review article: Should Your Start-up Be For-Profit or Nonprofit? A guide for social entrepreneurs by Cait Brumme and Brian Trelstad

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43.Rebuttal | Harvard Business Review’s “Should Your Start-up Be For-Profit or Nonprofit?” | Why It’s Completely Off The Mark

Both Success And Integrity: Business Level Strategy With Social Responsibility