In this episode of Both Success And Integrity With Bessi Graham, Bessi is joined by Dr. Avis Jones-DeWeever, an author and co-founder of MAXBLACK Media, to discuss the surprising data that shows entrepreneurship, not education, as the key to closing the racial wealth gap in America, particularly for the black community.

Dr. Avis explains that recent research shows that entrepreneurship, rather than educational attainment, is the most effective way to close the racial wealth gap in America, particularly for the black community. This has led to a shift in focus towards helping women start their own businesses, which she is passionate about. She helps black women translate their skills and expertise into profitable businesses, allowing them to properly monetize their genius and achieve intergenerational wealth. To measure success, Dr. Avis emphasizes being data-driven and making adjustments along the way to provide ongoing support and guidance for clients. She also aims to expand her reach to support women internationally. Additionally, Dr. Avis has established different cohorts based on where women are in their business journey, providing targeted support for each group to help them achieve specific goals.

Also in this episode: 

  • Recent research shows that entrepreneurship is more effective than educational attainment in closing the racial wealth gap in America, especially for black communities.
  • Black women are the most likely demographic group to start businesses in America but face challenges in achieving high revenue.
  • Why Dr. Avis helps women see their value and translate their expertise into profitable and high revenue-generating businesses to achieve intergenerational wealth.
  • It is important to quantify the impact of one’s work and make data-driven adjustments along the way to ensure continued improvement and support for clients.
  • The issue of women and business ownership is a trending issue globally, and the speaker intends to focus on reaching and supporting women internationally.
  • How Dr. Avis provides small group support for women based on where they are in their business, with specific goals to help them achieve recurring revenue and higher revenue levels.

About Dr. Avis Jones-DeWeever: 

Dr. Avis is an Award-Winning Author, Media Commentator, Global Speaker and the Co-Founder of MAXBLACK Media, a forthcoming digital streaming network that centers the Black experience with the goal of maximizing Black social, political and economic power (Launching 2024). Outside of MAXBLACK, Dr. Avis has served as the Founder of the Washington DC Boutique Consulting Firm, Incite Unlimited, along with Media to Millions, a media, marketing and sales training organization. Her clients range the gamut from small business owners to major corporations, non-profit organizations, governmental entities, and political campaigns based both domestically and abroad.  Formerly, Dr. Avis served as the youngest-ever Executive Director of the National Council of Negro Women, a historic membership organization touching the lives of over four million women of African descent worldwide. Dr. Avis’ distinct perspectives have been shared through a variety of media outlets including CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, PBS, C-Span, TV One, BET, BBC, NPR, Sirius XM Radio, the Washington Post, the Atlantic, The Huffington Post, Essence Magazine, Ebony Magazine, Black Enterprise Magazine, the Grio, NBC BLK and many more. As a prolific writer, she is the author or co-author of numerous publications, including her award-winning book, How Exceptional Black Women Lead along with The State of Black Women in the U.S. 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022; Beyond Broke: Why Closing the Racial Wealth Gap is a Priority for National Economic Security; and You Mad? Black Women, Work, and the Normalcy of Disrespect, among many others. Dr. Avis currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation and Sister’s Lead Sister’s Vote. In addition, she’s the Sr. Public Policy Advisor to the Black Women’s Roundtable, and an Affiliated Scholar to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research.

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30: Closing the Racial Wealth Gap Through Entrepreneurship: How Black Women Can Write Their Own Checks | feat. Dr. Avis Jones-DeWeever

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