In this episode of Both Success And Integrity With Bessi Graham, Bessi discusses the transformative power of recognizing and embracing threshold moments for your leadership goals.

Learn to take your time, listen inward, and let change unfold naturally instead of forcing it. Discover the beauty of pausing and honoring transitions while understanding the significance of negative capability, the ability to sit with uncertainties. Reflect on two foundational questions: “Do I know myself deeply and truthfully?” and “Who is in the driver’s seat: myself or my shadow?” Gain valuable insights to become a more intentional, impactful leader, using your leadership goals, and finding calm amidst chaos and living authentically.

Also in this episode:

  • Two questions to find calm in chaos
  • Understanding what creates the noise, swirl, and anxiety
  • How you will know if you’re acting from the self or shadow
  • What exactly is a threshold moment?
  • John Keats’ negative capability vs. positive capability 

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About Bessi Graham:

With over 20 years of experience working with business owners, governments, and large funding bodies to bring “doing good” and “making money” back together, my experience spans from the grassroots of sitting in the dirt working with business owners across the Pacific Islands through to the United Nations in Geneva. This has given me an unparalleled perspective on what makes change happen. 

You know you were born to do something significant, so don’t leave it to chance.

32. Achieving Leadership Goals: How To Start Embracing Your Threshold Moments For Authentic Transformation

Both Success And Integrity: Doing Well By Doing Good Inside Your Business with Bessi Graham