In this episode of Both/And With Bessi Graham, Bessi discusses making an impact on the world without feeling like you have to run a charity. 

Establishing a social enterprise or operating a charity is not a prerequisite for making a positive impact in the world. It is pertinent that business owners take a moment to revisit the essence of commerce and its inherent human traits of exchange and trade. Business activities are fundamental to society and hold significant potential to create a meaningful impact. It is imperative to recognize that limiting the responsibility of contributing towards the betterment of society to social enterprises, charities, or government bodies would not suffice in tackling the extensive systemic challenges we face today. Acknowledging our daily involvement in purchasing goods and services is a critical step towards contributing to a better world.

Also in this episode:

  • The discomfort that comes with wealth and financial success
  • The various ways to use your business to do good beyond setting up a social enterprise 
  • Changing the power structure
  • Why it is important of create a culture of gratitude in your business
  • The affects of flow and anti-flow on your business
  • What are the impacts of our investments 
  • Being curious for your business at all times

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About Bessi Graham:

With over 20 years of experience working with business owners, governments, and large funding bodies to bring “doing good” and “making money” back together, my experience spans from the grassroots of sitting in the dirt working with business owners across the Pacific Islands through to the United Nations in Geneva. This has given me an unparalleled perspective on what makes change happen. 

You know you were born to do something significant, so don’t leave it to chance.

17. You Don’t Have To Run A Charity To Change The World: The Power Of Positive Business Making An Impact Globally