Have you ever wanted to change the world?  Wanted to look on at a group of people whose lives you have influenced through your work? Or to know you will be remembered for leaving the world better than you found it?


As visionary leaders called to make a difference in the world, this is what lights us up. The adventure of creating a legacy so much bigger than ourselves.


I’m a fan of paradox and passionately believe that we don’t have to look at the world in a way that sees things as black and white where our only option is choosing either/or. The fact is we can in fact choose Both/And! 


Leadership is a great example of the reality of Both/And. As leaders, we are both privileged, and we carry a heavy burden. Both these things are equally true.


So, who do you go to when you want to have conversations? Who is supporting you? And how do you find the considered views that help sustain and guide you in your work? 


Where do you go to have the conversations that remind you, you’re not alone and at the same time hold you accountable and challenge you when you need that?


With over 20 years’ experience working with business owners, governments, and large funding bodies to bring “doing good” and “making money” back together, my experience spans from the grassroots of sitting in the dirt working with business owners across the Pacific Islands through to the United Nations in Geneva. This has given me an unparalleled perspective on what makes change happen. 


You know you were born to do something significant so don’t leave it to chance. Join me here at BessiGraham.com to find blogs, my podcast Both/And with Bessi Graham, videos with other leaders living and leading meaningful lives, podcast guesting episodes and more. Think of this as your Hub for inspiration to reflect on how you’re using your Time, Talent and Treasure to create a legacy bigger than yourself.


We both know everybody has an opinion about what you should do and how you should live. There’s no shortage of loud voices imposing their views and values on you.


I’m here to quiet that noise and give you ideas and easy tools to tap into what you need and want so you can design a meaningful life that aligns with your values and puts you on a path to creating a legacy you can be proud of.


If you’re a leader who wants to make a difference in the world, you love to learn, are willing to grow, and have the scars of lessons learned, then this is the space you’ve been waiting for! 


I want you to not only make the distance but to flourish and find yourself along the way. 


I’ve made money and lost money. Built things and broken things. I’ve learned many lessons and almost all of them the hard way. Now I want to share what I know to make it a little easier for you and a little less lonely.


I want to help you tune in to your own voice more clearly so you can contribute from a place of authenticity. Let’s remove the frustration and pressure that comes from living someone else’s idea of success and replace it with a sense of flow and fulfillment that can only come when you tap into the fullness of who you are and who you are becoming.