Episode Description

In order to move forward and take a more active role in defining the legacy you want to leave and how you can achieve that, you need to believe you’re already a well-established leader who doesn’t need to justify or defend your accomplishments.

In today’s episode, I will help you recognize and appreciate your accomplishments as well as the goals you still have yet to achieve. It’s critical to incorporate this step now, after some of the work we’ve done in prior episodes, to develop a more complete picture of the multi-dimensional version of you as a leader and as a person.

In the world of business and visionary leadership, we’re one-of-a-kind creatures. Unlike others, we become stuck on the future rather than the past. For most, achieving goals they thought were impossible or life-changing is merely a stepping stone to the next accomplishment. Sound familiar?

In this episode, listen for

  • Being in The Gap happens when we measure ourselves against the ideal
  • Beginning to become more conscious of self-talk, the language, and the tone are important aspects
  • Defend yourself and celebrate what you’ve already achieved

Must-listen Moments:

[1:48]  Our ability to create a vision, set goals and strive to achieve

[5:58]  According to the book, “Being in The Gain means you measure yourself backward, against where you were before…”

[12:13] This episode’s thoughtwork and some questions that may help you focus on different time horizons

Whenever words, ideas, concepts, or different components that come to mind right now, I advise you to record them. It’s important to keep track of your thoughts because becoming more conscious of and having the ability to look back and see patterns, being prompted and reminded of breakthroughs or “aha moments” you’ve had, and revisiting them to see the progress you’re making will all be important aspects of this next chapter of your life.

Understanding who you are and what motivates you is the key to your success in the future.

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