Episode Description

As we try to balance the various demands around our time and attention, we often find ourselves feeling faced with a choice – this or that. The gray area between the two extremes. Feeling stuck in the middle between two drastically different styles of leadership, impact, income levels, relationships, etc.

At times, it may feel like making a choice in either direction has a downside you’re not willing to accept. To make it worse, there’s no shortage of other peoples’ opinions to sway and influence you.  But if you could quiet the noise and really lean into what you truly desire, can you imagine a life where you could have both?

Could you be a strong and compassionate leader?

Can your career have both an impact and make you an excellent income?

Can a mother prioritize her own health and be present with her family?

The good news is, you don’t need to choose between the two. You can have both/and.

We all need time and space to clear our minds and sit with our ideas. In this first episode, I will guide you through an activity in which you’ll have a chance to evaluate your options. Whether or not you feel you’re facing an obstacle right now, you’ll find the exercise in this episode helpful.

It’s possible something unexpected will present itself and I encourage you to allow it to bubble to the surface.

In your current situation, what’s not pleasurable, draining your energy and causing you to procrastinate and fail to complete tasks? Keep the crucial parts and delegate those that are unnecessarily consuming your time.

When you take the time to pause with me, relax, and just consider the possibility that you can have both – that you are no longer faced with an either/or choice, you’ll find clarity, peace, and opportunity in the choices you face.

In this episode, listen for:

  • Sit in the discomfort so that you can design a life that is uniquely yours; create your own solution to having both/and
  • It can be scary to sit in that space that is between extremes
  • As your vision emerges, you’re able to shape it with a both/and lens

Must-listen Moments:

[3:40] My personal story; How I handled the desire for my life to be different.

[7:22] I began to let my vision take the shape toward a life where I could be fulfilled as an individual and also love my children well.

[8:01] The importance of regularly taking time to dive into ourselves, to question, name our fears, and notice our extremes.

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