Episode Description

Prior to this episode, I discussed the meaning and power behind Both/And and observed how humans avoid the muddy, grey areas in between two polar opposite beliefs or actions. For a life that is distinctively yours, with a legacy that is connected to you and meaningful, rather than one that others respect but doesn’t resonate with you, we must explore your core values.

De-cluttering and freeing up part of our mental bandwidth allows us to focus on the necessary explorations that will ultimately lead us in the right direction.

As we embrace the saying “slow down to speed up,” I’ve walked you through a few exercises that led you to identify what brings you joy, energy, and flow. We are not one-dimensional beings and together, we’re discovering how to look at life through the both/and lense.

In this episode, listen for:

  • Your core values are usually between two and four descriptive words that describe you and your organisation and these do not change overtime
  • In order to prosper, values must be included as an integral part of your plan and will steer you as an individual or organisation
  • Aspirational ideals are the qualities you aspire to have and are working to implement

Must-listen Moments:

[5:57] In my experience with an organisation that accidentally broadcasted their aspirational values as their core values, feedback is met with resistance, dismissal, and excuses.

[11:52] Lencioni says core values should be used to guide every aspect of an organisation, from hiring and firing and performance management.

[14:42] When you name core values for your organisation, you are setting standards for yourself, your employees, and your business, and if you reflect them improperly, you may find your credibility undermined.

In today’s episode, What I want to do is begin a journey that will last a lifetime; a journey of discovering your truest core values and the role aspirational values play in your life. Aspirational values are those we or others, named as core values, but are, in fact, something we’re striving for.

Why is this so vital? Without distinguishing between core and aspirational principles, our efforts to live and act in alignment with our values and clearly communicate them to our team, customers, and others can sometimes backfire.

When you examine what you’ve declared about your own or your organisation’s core values, see if the ideas you’ve mentioned are already firmly ingrained in your daily operations.

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